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Waitersfriend - a friend in waiting

We are a comprehensive resource made by waiters for waiters to help improve general knowledge in the hospitality industry. Spreading the word that waiting on tables can be a rewarding career and not just a step along the way.

Illawarra Food and Restaurant Reviews

A food blog focusing on the food producers, products, restaurants and cafes of the Illawarra. Wollongong is the third largest city of New South Wales and offers a wide array of food products, fine dining and cheap meals. I write restaurant reviews promoting local restaurants as well as visiting food markets and events. There are also recipes and new product reviews in the mix.

A blog to follow my transition from a big corporate job to training to be a chef and then ultimately to opening my own restaurant.

Gold Coast Food Guide Blog

Restaurant reviews and all things food based on the Gold Coast, Queensland

tummy rumbles

Melbourne food blog that is all about satisfying the internal growl. Reviews, recipes etc.

Australian Dining Out Reviews

Australia's most comprehensive & totally community-driven website for dining-out activities. Through your reviews, we share our best gastronomic experiences in town.

food & restaurant blog

food recipe photo video chefs

Italy Home Made

Quaint pasta bar in Charles St, North Perth that was recommended to me by Kay Smoljak ( The subsequent googling unearthed this review from Abstract Gourmet/PerthNorg. Great pasta, excellent service. Recommended.



my dream job would be to go around the world eating at any restaurant I wish and not paying for it... that and walking around in costumes at disneyland... hi, my name is susan. im from sydney and i am a chocoholic.
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