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Edgalaxy - Where Technology and Education Meet

Hi I'm Kevin Thanks for taking the time to view my edtech website. I basically started this to filter the gold from the hype in education and technology and put it in simple language for all to understand.

Lex Itu

I am a Victorian school student with an exuberant interest in education. I aspire to become a teacher and is taking an interactive approach on the way – being a blogger is part of this. My career goal is derived from a fascination in the way people perceive things and how they interact. I love to analyse, and to explore.

Notes on a Little Pond

"Notes on a Little Pond" chronicles my attempts to come to terms with Townsville, the city I've grown up in. As I face what could be my last year in the city, I'll visit every event on in Townsville in 2010 in my quest to see whether a medium-sized city like this one really does have something to offer when you give it a chance.

Grumpy Bunny

Every drawing has a story behind it. And behind every MS Paint doodle is a random thought.

Nearly-Dr Ferox

A Veterinary Science student at the University of Melbourne shares her knowledge and experience as she embarks on the final two years of her degree.

- aRe yOu rEAdiNg tHiS? -

The life crazy things that happen in the life of a postgrad student in Perth.

The Dinner Table

Life of a graduate student in Perth

mullac. codes

My blog of random things, such as web development or podcasting. My interest in lighting design/implementation/operation as well as my work as admin for YoungCoders.

Northern Lights

The adventures of an Adelaide girl in Norway and England, as she writes a phd on Australian medievalism, looks out the window and explores the world.


Ranting. Cynicism. Bitching... but also quite a bit of stuff about living in Perth, drum n bass, my life, my friends, travel, education, and so on and so forth, etc etc.
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