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Maybe the best way to describe tbaoo, is by presenting some feedback: tbaoo is foolish, stupid, inane, idiotic, vacuous, asinine, pointless, senseless, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, informal, dumb, daft and just plain silly. That means we're on the right track. It's supposed to be a place for a laugh or even sometimes, a more sensible thought. Enjoy the nonsense, there's lot's of it and it will continue...

Atomic Dynamyte

satire black comedy funny hysterical stupid silly sydney australia australianblog atomicdynamyte dynamite samgranleese funny awesome dudeman cool

I Fucking Hate You

The ravings of an insane twenty-something male with too much time on his hands

Papertrap [dot] net

Mark's interesting journal. Mostly stuff that happens to me, and some stuff that happens to people I know.
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