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AccWeb - Accounting Blog for Australian Accountants

Collaboration Tools for the Australian Public Accountant Every day, accountants in public practice are faced with an ever-increasing array of products, services and experts, not to mention changes to our environment, including tax laws, human resourcing constraints and rapidly evolving technologies. AccWeb is focused on providing the enabling technologies so that 'forward thinking' accounting professionals can share information and make informed and intelligent choices on the goods, services and membership arrangements that they purchase.

Financial Accountants Brisbane and financial advisor

BB Whitehouse Group’s accounting services are customized for the growing Small to Medium Enterprise/Business market today and into the future. It also undertakes tax work for individuals and provides them with effective and current advice to help them plan their taxes better.

Dollars & Sense

Many times I have found that people have questions that only need a short reply, but not knowing where to access the correct information and thinking that contacting a professional would be a pricey over-kill, stops them from getting an answer. The accounting and taxation industry is a labyrinth of information, much of which may not be relevant to you… but some of it may be! By publishing various ’snippets’ in a blog format, it may provide the very thing you were looking for and give you a lead to obtaining further information.

Lightbulb (Dilanchian IP blog)

Covers intellectual property law, IP commercialisation, and business law from an Australian perspective. Published by Dilanchian Lawyers and Consultants in Sydney.
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