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Beijing Baby!

The life of an young aspiring fashion editor.

Beijing Baby!

The life of an inspiring fashion editor from Sydney and her adventures as a Japanese High School Girl.

Vernicious Knids

A blog from Tokyo, Japan with random musings and snapshots about life, love, travel and everything in between...

Gaijin Girl Strikes Again

An Aussie girl's misadventures in Tokyo.

Cherry Blossom Adventures

An often random and crazy showcase of an Aussie girl's adventures in Japan through writings, photos and pictures and anything else technical she can manage.

the jonny taise factory

from adelaide, living just out of tokyo

The Keitai Goddess

Moblog of Australian Girl from the Tokyo Trenches.

bryce tanner - life in tokyo

aussie guy studying japanese in tokyo. (insert witty phrase). life on the other side sure isn't boring.

Curiouser and curiouser

The bloggings of innocentgirl. Obscure rants and observations with occasional pictures and links to her life as an illustrator and english teacher in Japan.

Threads of Gold

Back at Uni, back in Oz, a bit bewildered by it all but happy to be here. Learning to love the questions, focused on peace work and interested in alternatives.
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