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one empty girl

If you want to, read the tears of a girl getting over being used and the decision she has to make and the return to her glorious self before. No hard language, just something poignant, a self-reflective discovery and learning some lessons of life the hard way.

University Page

Career resources for Australian Undergraduates

It's My Virtual Soapbox

The blog of an Australian University student. Random thoughts and music about life rule the roost here - pretty much a politics and religion free zone!

Jacks Lounge

Come visit the lounge for music revies, and other general happenings in my life. Updated most days.

me, my camera and my life.

a brisbane uni student and her adventure through life, uni, crafting, cooking and more with her camera

Blog Marco

Ramblings of a Photographer/Uni Student/Share Trader/Forex Trader about Sydney News, Current Affairs, Travelling, Technology, Photography, University, Celebrities and Life!

From Sherbrooke Forest

From the deep dark crooks of Sherbrooke Forest, ideas, rumours and music are filtering through the corridors of urban life.

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A Uni student blogging from Sydney, Australia
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