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Women of History

Blog dedicated to women, worldwide, making history - featuring articles and news.

Mr Bagel

I'm just an average guy, doing average things, hoping to make people smile.

A blog about fashion and beauty news from all over the world, with tips, latest it bags, style spotting and much more.

The World's First Open Blog

Created by you. Open to all. Commenced January 15th, 2007.

How not to backpack the world

A diary of my backpack adventures around the world, tips for other backpackers and my opinions of cities around the world.

Vernicious Knids

A blog from Tokyo, Japan with random musings and snapshots about life, love, travel and everything in between...

Its Our World Too

A sometimes brief and at other times an in depth look at our world. Includes society, politics, the environment, religion, spirituality, philosophy and anything that fits. Dedicated to our World Vision sponsored child Johnny and our former WV sponsored child Yoseph who we have lost contact with. Both live in Lebanon.


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