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Denyse Whelan. Blogger. Educator. Consultant

Denyse Whelan. Blogger. Educator.Consultant.

Every day is a blog post. Some link to blogs as part of Digital
Parents Australia. More relate to Denyse Whelan’s experience & expertise as teacher of children aged between 5 and 12, a
Primary School Principal. N.S.W. Schools and English as a Second Language Teacher (adults & children).


words in progress

Tiggy Johnson is a Melbourne writer and poet who juggles writing and editing with taking care of her three kids.

Greg Sky Storyteller

Writer of novels, (under his own name and under four other nome de plume), short stories, poetry/lyrics, screenplays and other media when he can be bothered; artist, photographer, cynic and tawdry philosopher; always an observer of life and its small rites and constantly interested in music & music trivia, film, gardens and exotic locations. Cartoons include the transgender soap opera Shocked and the Australia political strip, Wide Brown Land.

The Daily Boop

Too much to say and nowhere else to say it. The Daily Boop is where one writer deposits anecdotes and observations that have no place in her nine to five.

Bee In Bondi

Bee is a 29 year-old observer of moments residing at Bondi Beach.

Blessed Reading

Books that bless the reader

Sand Traveller: mountains to the ocean. Travel and environment.

Travel around Australia, South East Asia and commentary and articles about the environment we all share - whether we like it or not.

walking and falling

jenjen walks around, hitch-hikes to places, writes things down, occasionally falls over.

Life strategy: Have wonderful child, life wonderful life in paradise with wonderful man

Mother, lover, poet, part-time procrastinater, daughter, sister, auntie, cook, cleaner (ha ha ha), programmer, writer... Aspiring to excel at all, but enjoying the training life is throwing my way!

wine makes mummy clever

Wife. Mother. e-columnist. Public Servant (sigh). Canberran.
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